The Best VPN to Get French IP Address

by on October 8th, 2014

Did you ever try to browse a website only to find out that you are not allowed to access it? It is frustrating. What is even more frustrating is the fact that your identity is not hidden from hackers. Thus we need for something to conceal our identity.

Up to now, I am still amazed by the power of Virtual Power Network. As a researcher, there are sensitive topics I have to cover. However, the sites I want to access are banned and cannot be accessed. I have reviewed many different VPN before I settled for HMA.

Hide My Ass or HMA. Based on the research I made, it has 656 servers in 77 countries and is still upgrading their system. It has 21 servers in France so this means there will be less interruption in speed of the internet.

I am currently living in the US and I would like to access websites from France that are not accessible in the US. Using Hide My Ass as my VPN is helping me in more ways than one. I know I am safe and protected whenever I am online. I know I am far from prying eyes.

Look for a VPN provider for France. There are tons of them. What these VPN providers do is they will provide you with IP addresses that you can use to unblock hidden websites. It will enable you to surf sites that are banned from the country you are searching from. Your real identity will be hidden from third party activities.

Other than HMA there are still a score of vpn providers to help you get a French IP address. I searched the web and I came across Private Internet Access. It has plenty of good reviews. Another one is Astrill. It boasts of having 162 servers in 49 countries.

I am very happy with the way VPN has helped me. It is not only helpful on my research works; I can also watch hidden video sites and news around the globe. It is good that we are careful in surfing the internet. Using VPN is worth your time and effort.

Latest Astrill Application In Bypassing Internet Censorship

by on July 10th, 2014

Astrill VPNAstrill VPN provides professional fast and secure VPN service that can unblock websites in certain countries and protects your privacy on-line and makes you anonymous all the time while surfing on the net.

It is just for everyone, no complicated setup tutorial with easy few-step installation – and you are good to go – that’s Astrill VPN. The application works on Mac. Windows and Linux.

Good news! The latest Astrill Application has many features.

The Smart Mode. Smart mode can speed up your surfing. It is only avtivated once you visit those blocked websites. For example. and are available but Facebook and Youtube are unavailable. If you visit CNN on, the Astrill Application will not let you gp through the VPN server, therefore you get better surfing speed. Once you check out and, the Astrill Application will automatically detective these websites are blocked and let you go through the VPN server.

Browser Selection is another feature application of latest Astrill VPN that select individual browsers you want to use Astrill with. If you will save 2 browsers in your computer, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, then you can set Astrill only you go through Firefox, therefore when you use Firefox, you use VPN, once you use traditional VPN, no matter what browser you use , you always go through VPN server.

I do love Astrill as it also works great on mobile devices like iPad, iPod touch, Apple Iphone as well as Google Android. However, you have to set it up manually, but don’t worry, it’s very simple.

I have reviewed a wide range of free and paid anonymity services such as VPN and Proxy based solutions to bypass internet censorship with ease until new anonymity service named Astrill arises to raise the bar in already competitive internet censorship bypassing solution market.

With Astrill you can bypass any kind of firewall or filtering and use Wi-Fi on puclic places with safety as nobody will be able to spy into the encrypted data stream.

If I were you, I’ll rather head to to get see more amazing feautures of Astrill… or check out to see what another VPN can bypass internet censorship.

Private Internet by VPN

by on May 16th, 2014

Being able to access the internet is an increasingly important way of gaining information and participating in important discussions.  Unfortunately, free and unrestricted internet access is not available to many people.  I was educated in the west, but I now live with my family in a country—I won’t tell you which one, but you can probably guess—which heavily censors its citizens’ internet access.

This image gives a sense of some countries that have severe internet regulations:


I am very interested in keeping up with current events and making sure I have an informed perspective about what’s going on throughout the globe, and I try to take the information I get and give it to my friends and family to help spread important news.  However, without free internet access, it is difficult to do so, and the state-sponsored media presents extremely one-sided versions of events and censors potentially damaging information entirely.

I was struggling through my country’s bureaucracy in the hopes of getting an exception so I could access at least some controversial content when a friend suggested that I look into VPN services The best p2p2 vpn ?.  I didn’t exactly know what that was, so I did some research.  One of the things that a VPN can do is reroute your data so it looks like it’s coming from a different IP address; for instance, no matter where I was, it would look as though I were browsing from Texas.

Although it was risky, I made a quick trip abroad to purchase a VPN service, and decided to give it a try.  Sure enough, it worked exactly as expected—I’m now able to access as much information as I need whenever I need it!  I am posting this now on my VPN, and one of the great things about the service is it’s heavily encrypted, so I don’t need to fear government retribution.  Read and vyprvpn by goldenfrog review . 


VPN Service Software

by on April 20th, 2014

vpnSo I was really bummed that I couldn’t get on face book to  talk to my girl. She’s the best thing I got going right now. But after I got this job, I couldn’t talk to her anymore cause the government here doesn’t let you get on facebook or skype or anything. It’s a real drag. I waited six long months before I finally said enough is enough. I started asking around the office for any tips on how to get past this. Finally, one day this guy in the basement told me that I could download this software that would let me use a foreign browser or something. He said they were called Virtual Private Networks.

That day I got home and checked them out. They seemed weird to me but I eventually found one that was ok looking  so downloaded and installed it. I thought it would hard and weird to install but it was actually pretty cool and easy. It wasn’t to pricey either. So I popped it on my computer and I away I went. It worked like charm. I got right on skype and right back to seeing my girl’s lovely face just like back at home. It was the best day of the year so far. I have also checked my pc backup review.

I guess the way they work is they let you use a browser that doesn’t have those internet censorship laws like the ones here. So when you’re on the internet your really in the internet in UK or Switzerland or something like that. It’s totally safe too. There’s no log of your activities or anything. Everything you do Is private and safe. I like it a lot. I thanked that guy that told me about it kindly. Virtual Private Networks are the best thing that could have happened to me out here. You can also click there. It was really drag before that.

For more information click here:

Try VPN Service Softare today!

Cloud Backup Save the Day!

by on April 1st, 2014


images (5)Cloud backup services are a life saver! Here some preview of backup storage click here best cloud backup storage reviews It’s a service you don’t appreciate until you feel the dread felt when a piece of hardware fails. I made the now brilliant decision of signing up for a cloud storage immediately after purchasing my new computer. Being a Mac, I needed to find a provider that offered Mac backup. After minimal research, I arrived at just cloud, which I felt met all my needs. It was free, easy to set up, offered me universal access to my data, and was compatible with my computer.

Now, I can’t express how thankful I am to have done so. Years of files and thousands of photos cannot be replaced. Hours and hours of music would be time consuming to find. Worst of all was the copies of my thesis! Countless hours put into it only to be lost in seconds. Cloud backup services save all these files in a convenient and safe location . These files are backed up multiple times, ensuring if anything does go wrong, they are easily accessed. And it’s not just hardware failure cloud storage protects; it’s also theft or simply carelessness. USB drives are easy to misplace since they are about the size of your thumb so don’t just back up hard drives, but also any external storage devices.

Cloud storage is something that is easily overlooked because when the hardware is working, it is convenient to simply put off investing in it try this link for more info. Mark my words though, hardware is bound to fail sooner or later and when it does, it usually chooses the worst time to do so! Whether it’s in the middle of tax season or near the end of writing a thesis, when it happens, I hope all that data is backed up! When you realize it is, it’s a wonderful feeling.

images (6)

What is your Best VPN Provider?

by on March 26th, 2014

is it safe


I can’t even tell you how long I have been looking for a fast and safe way to browse the web. I am a college student and I really hate the idea of Google and other sites logging my activity online. I don’t have time to have my email hacked and have to deal with that. All I wanted was a fast way to search the web that would expose me to unwanted hacks. So, after doing some research, I wanted to share what I found to be the some of the best VPN providers out there.

I really love CyberGhost for my VPN client. This program uses OpenVPN encryption and I’ve found if to be super reliable. Best of all, there is a free option, which is awesome for students like me. For the average user CyberGhost is everything you need and more. You get fast, protected service but be careful, there is a cut off time of six hours with this program.

I also wanted to share my review of Kepard. This is also a good option for those of you looking for a good VPN provider. It is super fast and doesn’t log your log activity, which is nice because you won’t feel like the Internet is stalking you. Unfortunately Kepard only lets you use the service for free for 30 minutes, after that its $35 a year. If you don’t mind spending the money then Kepard is a good call, it is compatible with basically everything; Linux, Macs, Android, iPad, and basically everything else you want.

These two are my favorite for VPN service providers but there are a bunch of services out there. With a little bit of research you can easily find the VPN that fits your needs while getting the fast and secure service you want. But if you want to sure that your data is safe you can download a mypc backup or read some cloudbackup reviews to be familiar on the cloud based system.

Why You Must Have a AndroidVPN for your Phone

by on March 24th, 2014

locked phone

Wow! I’m so amazed out how great this Android VPN is. I’ve been searching for ways to talk to my friends and family back home for months. It’s so hard when social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are blocked. Kevin told me to try a VPN.

I guess they use servers in different countries to give you access to sites that are blocked in yours. Anyway, it was a great move because now I can use the internet just like my friends in the states do. I don’t have to wait till Christmas break when I visit for only two weeks at a time.

The one I got is called Android VPN. It’s great. I can use it on my phone. I just downloaded the software. It was really cheap too. I installed it, ran it, and off  I was. It was so easy and such a good idea. I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing if I hadn’t gotten it.

Cousin Lisa is doing great. I talked too her today. It was really nice to be able to see her again. She has such a nice smile. Without android VPN, I don’t think I would be able to see her for months. I’ve download too a HideMyAssVPN for my pc that one of my friends write a HideMyAss review.

I just read there PrivateInternetAccess VPN review and tutorial then Ive learned how to use it to bypass IP restricted sites.

I can’t believe hw easy it was to get. It was like one day I had no connection to anyone back home. And after only an afternoon I was talking to a bunch of people that I really wanted to hear from. I can’t believe how great it is. It’s just like any other internet provider.


It’s fast, reliable, and it wasn’t very expensive to sign up. I just pay a little monthly fee and get all the sites I want. I don’t think I could live without it here. It’s gonna make my stay here go way faster.

You should sign up with Android VPN today or read first the Hide My Ass VPN review services you must try.